Cat Who Is Connected to Her Lovely Grandma, Refuses to Leave Her Bedside

Connection and bond between animals and people is so strong. Pets who feel love and protection from their owners and family, give them
this love and respect in response. They safeguard their family members, give them love and care.

So when there is a time to say goodbye to their owners, animals also feel very sad and upset, especially when their owners are in their
way to heaven.

Here is a story about 96-year-old Sara Waley and her beloved cat Trooper.

Many Years ago Alexis Hackney and her family found cat near their home. They heard cat meows and went down to see what was that. Alexis
told that cat was on the wall and couldn’t go down. So they decided to help her go down. When they rescued kitten, they
investigated her and realized that she was just newborn and could barely open her little eyes.

As they didn’t find cat’s mom, they took her with them and brought her home. From that they he stayed there and what was interesting, he made a unique bond with their grandmother, Sarah.

They became best friends. Alexis told that their grandma lived with them 18 years. When they brought cat home, grandma started to take
care of him, she was feeding him, talking to him and cuddling all day long.

They named a cat Trooper. Trooper was sleeping in Sarah’s room all the time, and was bringing gifts for her from home. The bond was so
strong that everyone was amazed. This connection was shown at that time when grandma Sarah got sick and Trooper started to spend his time in her room.

He was staying by her side, cuddling her which would make grandma feel much better. Alexis said that when her grandmother began to come to the point where she couldn’t communicate, Trooper felt it and became upset.

Trooper was always by her side, just lying with her in her bed. When grandma accidentally would hit her, he wouldn’t never fight her back.
This is something which we call unconditional love.

When grandma Passed away, Trooper was so upset and sad, that stopped eating and was just walking and crying.

Now cat is good but he misses Sarah very much.

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Cat Who Is Connected to Her Lovely Grandma, Refuses to Leave Her Bedside
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