This unfortunate dog’s face was disfigured by his mother when he was a puppy. Now his life has changed a lot

Brodie is not the kind of dog you see every day. The pup was left half blind and with a permanently damaged face after surviving an assault by his own mother at the tender age of 13 days. Brodie, who resembles a Picasso painting, is all the more lovely, melting everyone’s hearts with his enormous heart and powerful attitude.

Fortunately, the German shepherd/border collie mix is now in the care of Amanda Richter and her partner, Brad Ames, his new permanent family. Brodie is not only adored by everyone he meets, including his own 159K Instagram followers, but he is also preparing to be a therapy dog. “One day, we aim to teach him to be a therapy dog so he can assist other people with disabilities,” Amanda added, assuring Brodie’s supporters that he is as joyful as ever.

After being assaulted by his mother, Brodie had significant cranial and facial injuries as a newborn. The boy’s jaw fused together as he grew, leaving his face stunted and suffering from partial blindness.

After his initial adoption, it seemed that the youngster had found his permanent family.

But his previous owner quickly sent the puppy back to Old MacDonald Kennels in Alberta, Canada, saying that he was “too active.”