An emotional video shows a Ukrainian man reuniting with his long-lost dog

After being separated from his lost Husky during the Ukraine conflict, a man was given the opportunity to reconcile with his lost companion. The touching scene was made possible by several Belarusian volunteer soldiers who discovered the puppy, rescued her, and finally reunited her with her family. The amazing event was captured on video and quickly went viral on the internet!

Nessie, a cute Husky, was separated from her family just after the war began, and they never expected to see her again. but just to mysteriously reconcile with her a few weeks later. The puppy was discovered by a squad of Belarusian troops who mistook her for a stray. Anyway, they posted the story of the dog’s discovery online in the hopes that someone might identify her.

Fortunately, it wasn’t long before they discovered Nessie had gone missing and was not a stray dog. So, the nice troops found the owners and set up a great reunion in a Kyiv parking lot.

The video shows Nessie walking and then running toward her owner as soon as she recognizes him. The two embraced and caressed one another, clearly delighted to see each other again.

“As long as some treat people like animals, we will fight for the lives of all creatures, not just humans,” the battalion that discovered Nessie stated online! The reunion may be seen here:

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An emotional video shows a Ukrainian man reuniting with his long-lost dog
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