A Marvel superhero saves a pit bull puppy with a chain around her neck…

Dave Bautista, an actor and former wrestler, may seem gruff and scary, but he has a soft heart for animals in need. Sage, a 3-month-old Pit Bull, was found with a chain around her neck, according to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Bautista immediately began collecting money as a reward for information on her abuser.

Bautista fell in love with the small pooch while searching for the culprit. He quickly adopted her, and she is now known as Penny Bautista. She will never have to endure neglect or abuse again!

Penny appeared at the humane society with a chain dangling from her neck and dragging on the ground beside her. The unfortunate dog had to have surgery to have the chain removed, and she now has a bald spot where the chain was.

A stranger initially saw Penny eating rubbish on the side of the road. The dog rushed up to them without hesitation, much to their amazement. Penny was full of love even before her invasive operation.

“She is really kind and lovely.” “Sage was wagging her tail on the exam table as our physician and vet staff were evaluating her, despite the fact that she was in excruciating agony,” the Humane Society of Tampa Bay posted on Facebook. “In addition to the chain, we discovered Sage had skin problems and overgrown nails.” ” We have no idea who would do this to her.”

When Bautista found out about Penny, he posted her story on social media and offered a $5,000 prize for information. He couldn’t believe somebody would do such a thing to an innocent puppy, and he was anxious to punish the perpetrator. The Humane Society is also donating $1,500, and actor Mickey Rourke has contributed $1,000 to the prize fund.

It’s Love at First Sight
It only took a few days for Bautista to understand that he and Penny had something special going on. So he adopted her, and her joyful expression says it all. He vows that from now on, she will enjoy a life of love and pampering.

“There’s nothing more innocent and pure in my eyes than a dog,” Bautista stated. “Anyone who can mistreat a puppy has to be the lowest level of human being, pure wickedness, to torture an animal like that.” ” It sickens me to my stomach.”

Penny is not the only dog that Bautista has saved. He also got two more Pit Bulls, Maggie and Ollie. Penny, on the other hand, will be overjoyed to have two siblings to play with.

Unfortunately, no information regarding the individual who mistreated Penny is available at this time. But, as long as she has a loving family, she doesn’t seem to mind. This adorable dog will have the finest life imaginable from now on. After all, she has earned it!

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A Marvel superhero saves a pit bull puppy with a chain around her neck…
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