A senior dog was discovered in a public restroom with a note from a struggling family…

After getting a complaint about a dog discovered in a washroom at Destrehan’s Splash Park, Louisiana animal control officials hurried to the scene. She was an old black Lab who looked pregnant. However, upon closer inspection, they discovered that she was just slightly overweight. Someone had left chicken for her, which she promptly devoured. This left her bloated but otherwise well. A mysterious message was also left for the pup, which led to the remainder of Ladybird’s adventure. The cops immediately realized that this was not an act of animal cruelty, but rather the story of a struggling family.

The letter, which was accompanied by a water bottle, stated, “Be kind to dog-got trapped no vehicle-be back soon-give my dog some water-be back in the morning,” the letter stated. Ladybird was sent to the St. Charles Parish Animal Shelter to be secure.

Ladybird’s human returned to the public restroom in the morning, exactly as his message said. He phoned animal control when she wasn’t there. They told him where his dog was, so he called the shelter and told them the whole story.

“He called us and said he still wants Ladybird, but he just needs a few weeks to get back on his feet,” said Dr. Jena Troxler, animal shelter supervisor and veterinarian. “Ladybird and [her human] are homeless, and he has been living at [a shelter] trying to save his money so that he and Ladybird may go back to North Carolina, where he has family eager to assist him in getting back on his feet.”

Ladybird and her closest buddy had been best friends since she was six weeks old. They spent a lot of time touring the globe together, although things became difficult at times. They might always return to his relatives in North Carolina. But this time, they were stranded in Louisiana with no way of getting out.

Ladybird’s father was anxious to get her to North Carolina. He realized she was becoming older, so he wanted her to spend her last years in a familiar setting. This tale moved the shelter’s personnel. So they contacted the non-profit group Turning Rescues into Pets, which assisted in raising funds for Ladybird’s needs. They quickly gathered enough money to purchase a kennel, an orthopedic bed, a kennel mat, and other medical necessities for Ladybird.

GreaterGood also assisted Ladybird by giving heartworm prophylaxis and food. Wings of Rescue then arranged to deliver the puppy to North Carolina on a forthcoming trip. Ladybird’s father stayed in contact the whole time.

“You can tell how much Ladybird means to him, and we’re delighted to help keep her safe until they can be together again,” Troxler added. “She has been a favorite of the shelter staff for sure, and Ladybird has been through a lot lately.”

She boarded the transport that carried her to the Virginia Beach SPCA, where a staff member drove her to her relative’s house, where she was delighted to see a familiar face. She may now spend her golden years in a loving home thanks to the many wonderful people who cared for her.

When you buy anything from the iHeartDogs shop, a percentage of the sales goes to GreaterGood, which helps support Wings of Rescue transports. Even little purchases may have a significant impact for dogs like Ladybird.

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A senior dog was discovered in a public restroom with a note from a struggling family…
The helpless puppy was tossed along the street, with its mouth taped shut