An abandoned pit bull jumps at a nervous man and changes his life forever…

Sometimes the ideal dog for a person is one they did not anticipate. Frank Reyes had always wanted to adopt a dog, but when he was presented with an abandoned Pit Bull, he was apprehensive due to detrimental preconceptions he had heard. However, he decided to give the puppy a chance.

Sinatra, the Pit Bull who was subsequently called, was abandoned at a pet shop. Despite his painful history, Sinatra became a man of love. Reyes couldn’t dispute that he and the puppy had a particular bond. It has to happen!

Sinatra’s former owners arrived at a nearby pet shop and requested to drop him off. The employee stated that they are not a shelter, but rather a supply shop. Instead of transporting Sinatra to a shelter or rescue, the store’s proprietors chained him to a cart and abandoned him.

When Reyes arrived at the veterinary facility where Sinatra was being housed, the enormous dog raced at him, making him scared. When Sinatra got near enough, he laid on his back and requested belly massages. Reyes felt they were supposed to be close friends at that moment.

But after that happened, he became my right-hand man,” Reyes explained.

Reyes used Sinatra’s food motivation in his workouts. He eventually trained the gentle pup to be patient with food and do other tasks. Reyes required a friend like Sinatra in his life.

Sinatra had a happy life because of Reyes’ loving heart. They were together for 11 years, during which time they cuddled, played fetch, and went on adventures.

“He was my first dog, and he’ll always be my first and only dog,” Reyes said.

Sinatra began to slow down and perform poorly around the age of 13. He wasn’t eating, and he began to lose weight rapidly. Reyes attempted everything to rescue him, but Sinatra had passed over the rainbow bridge. The pup walked outdoors to gaze at a rainbow a few days before Sinatra died, as if to inform his father it was time.

Losing Sinatra was one of the most difficult times in Reyes’ life, but he is thankful they had so many good years. He even got a tattoo in memory of the dog. Reyes is currently fostering a pit bull named Bowser because he understands how much love can transform a rescue dog’s life.

Sinatra, rest in peace. You were cherished!

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An abandoned pit bull jumps at a nervous man and changes his life forever…
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