While lions are roaming nearby, an elephant tries to save her calf from a water trough

When a mother elephant makes a move to save her defenseless offspring after being stranded upside down in the gutter as predators wait nearby, it’s a moving scene.

A worried mother struggled with her pups in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, while their feet floated in the air and ravenous lions hovered above the duo.

As the situation for the mother elephant got worse, a group of elephants came to help.

In Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe, the worried mother worried for her child (shown), whose legs flailed in the air as ravenous lions circled the couple.

The family covered their ears and prepared to run into lions, leaving the large beasts behind while they cared for the children.

The matriarchy of the herd wraps her midsection around the child’s foreleg, lifting it off her back and placing it back on her feet.

Finally, the kid was let free and reconnected with his happy mother.

At least three lions (shown) began closing in on the helpless child. When the mom’s situation got critical, a herd of elephants appeared to provide a helping trunk.

Following the challenge, mothers took a few moments to rest and unwind.

She poured dirt over her and her baby before racing through a nearby mud hole-and the lions were ravenous.

The herd’s matriarch (shown) curled her trunk around the baby’s front leg to pull him off his back and placed him on his feet.

After the trauma, the mom took a few moments to relax and de-stress. She threw dirt over herself and her child before trotting away, and the lions went without food.

Since it was shared, the video has received lots of views online.

One YouTube user commented: “I admire how these animals stay together.” It’s stunning. “I have a lot of affection for folks of the same species.”

‘This demonstrates how animals assist one another to survive,” said another. And it sends the message that instead of ignoring people in need, we should help them.

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While lions are roaming nearby, an elephant tries to save her calf from a water trough
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