Dog lover falls in love with a rescue cat and begs his wife to adopt him

Bug would constantly extend his paw to everybody who went by his kennel, seeking some attention. Nobody expected the person who eventually handed it to him to be a “dog guy.”

He loves dogs. They’re foster parents to a stressed-out cat in need of attention. He can’t live without Bug now, and he begs his wife to adopt him right now.

Bug was an orphaned kitten. He arrived at the Michiana Humane Society without love or compassion.

He’d always reach out his paw outside his kennel when a staff member, volunteer, or visitor came or passed by, hoping they’d touch it.

Bug also had a horrible tendency to rub his face on the kennel door, causing him to lose hair. He was also so anxious that he couldn’t eat.

It was horrible to see.
The staff even put another kitten in the same cage with him so he would have company. But one kitten wasn’t enough. Bug needed a home, even if it was a foster home.

And he needed to be put in one as soon as possible.

Fortunately for Bug, when staff workers went out to visit their foster family, they were able to find foster parents who could take him in.

He rapidly adjusted.
When his foster parents brought him to their house, he quickly adjusted to his new circumstances.

“He wasn’t terrified at all when we took him home.” “He was out and about,” his foster mother said. “As soon as you touch him, he’ll start kissing and loving on you.”

Bug has won over one person in the home with his love: his foster father. Or, more precisely, his dog-person foster father.

“Bug is all about love.” “He wouldn’t let my husband ignore him,” she told The Dodo. “My husband is like, ‘Oh, we’re definitely keeping him.'”

Bug was constantly at his foster father’s side. He was continually licking him while sitting on his lap.

His foster father was constantly stroking and loving on him. He had already told his wife and the people who worked at the shelter that he had made up his mind.

They intend to adopt Bug.

The employees at the shelter felt it was amusing that the dog’s dad persisted on adopting him.

Bug, on the other hand, will always have a home and will never have to return to a kennel or the streets.

Bug doesn’t simply live with his parents at this home.

He also has a cat brother.

“He enjoys playing with his brothers,” his mother said. “They were perched on the refrigerator.” Leo wanted to come up to me and receive some attention, but Bug said, “No, we’re playing.” “We’re not done yet.”

It’s wonderful that they all get along so nicely. Who knows what might have happened to Bug if they hadn’t?

Bug’s services were in great demand.
Many individuals were worried about Bug and wanted to adopt him.

It’s a wonderful feeling for Bug to know that so many people wanted to give him a nice life and as much love and attention as he desired and needed.

In the video below, you can see Bug integrating with his new family!

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Dog lover falls in love with a rescue cat and begs his wife to adopt him
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