When a reporter goes to an animal shelter to get information for a story, the dog hugs him until he makes this decision…

Animal shelters all around the globe are full of dogs that would do anything to be adopted and have their own loving home.

One of the dogs made herself known when a writer went to an animal shelter to conduct research for a story on them.

She sprang up on the reporter and started embracing him, refusing to let go. Despite the fact that the dog had to be adopted, it seems that the reporter was adopted by the dog!

The finest part of the tale is that the reporter opted to take his new best buddy home with him!

After seeing this amazing thing happen, he knew he couldn’t leave the shelter without the cute dog.

He had no clue that going to the shelter to cover a story would lead to his adopting a new puppy. It was clearly meant to be!

The touching moment was recorded on camera, which you can see here.