Nobody could catch a large stray dog until a young lady approached…

Rescuing dogs is never easy; ask anybody who works at an animal rescue center or those who have tried it, and they will all tell you the same thing. While rescuing them, they often encounter either violent or aloof animals.

Megan Allen experienced the same scenario when she attempted to save a stray puppy.

She saw a Facebook post about a Great Pyrenees called Miles and went on a quest for him the following day.

Megan wasn’t the first person to try to save Miles, and those who had tried before her had all failed.
“Every time someone attempted to grab him, he’d flee,” Megan said.

Miles had been homeless for a full year in the neighborhood of a tiny, rural California town. When the temperature has been too high in recent months, one can only imagine how difficult it must be for a homeless dog to find refuge from the elements.

Miles was sitting alone in someone’s front yard when Megan first noticed him. She then tried to get the dog to trust her by giving him treats, but as soon as he saw the rescuer’s leash, he ran away.

After traveling and seeking, she discovered the terrified dog in someone’s yard and even on a construction site. Megan spent around six to seven hours searching the area for the homeless puppy, but despite her best efforts, she was unsuccessful.

Her heart was broken by the realization that she couldn’t help Miles.
She started looking for someone who might assist her in capturing the dog and came across Danny Spanks of A SafeFurr Place Animal Rescue.

One day, Danny came across the location where the dog was frequently sighted. They decided to carry out their plan. He instantly saw a “huge, white dog,” which turned out to be Miles, their promising dog. Danny started enticing the dog to a location where they could capture him with hotdogs. He saw an interconnecting fence and a gate, which turned out to be the best site to catch Miles—a dog park.

Megan and her friend Courtney arrived at the location where Danny had Miles confined for a little while. They eventually managed to put Miles on a leash thanks to their cooperation and patience. Megan was overcome with delight as they successfully captured the stray puppy.

It’s time to take the large dog home.

It was a huge relief for all of them, particularly Megan, to finally leave the location where Miles had been for the previous year.

It was time to spoil the worried canine, so their first destination was a pet daycare. Miles was quickly transferred to his foster home, where he met his new foster mom and other pets.

Miles was no longer the fearful puppy he had previously been. He started engaging with his foster mom, associating with other dogs, and going on leash walks. Miles also enjoyed resting in his large, comfortable bed.

Megan was overjoyed with how things worked out for Miles, and although rescuing him wasn’t easy, she knew it was all worth it.

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Nobody could catch a large stray dog until a young lady approached…
Owners dropped their loyal and faithful dog and she became homeless