This skinny dog was on the verge of death until this happened, and his life has totally transformed..

You’ve probably seen a stray dog going from one location to another hunting for food on more than one occasion.

This may have been nothing more than a fleeting glimpse that fades as you approach closer to your objective, while the pups suffer in agony and a relentless desire to find anything to eat.

The small puppy was a jumble of bones in need of an angel’s assistance.

Without a doubt, stray dogs are blessed in that they are able to survive a harsh reality that humans typically escape. Salvador was one of those street dogs that was very emaciated and on the edge of death due to a lack of food.

He was so skinny that you could count his ribs, which were covered by a thin layer of skin with visible blemishes.

They took off all of his filthy and matted hair.

Little Salvador was a walking skeleton; he was sick and malnourished; he had fleas and ticks all over him; he only had hair on his back and head; and he was filthy.

He needed a miracle and someone who, like his name, could rescue him and prevent similar disasters.

To cure the mange, the dog was given rigorous therapy that included antibiotics and topical treatments.

Fortunately, a guy and other rescuers stumbled upon the dog and were determined to do all they could to assist him. The first thing they did was feed him and let him eat enough for them to wrap him in a blanket and relocate him to a secure location.

Salvador was quite vulnerable, so he was treated with extreme care to prevent further injuring him.

Salvador was emaciated and anemic, and he required a nutritious diet.

The dog was sent to a rescue shelter, where he got the care he required. After giving him a thorough checkup, they washed him in the most careful way possible.

Because of his condition, he was treated as if his bones were made of glass, for fear of fractures.

Salvador was just getting started on a long journey of change. The most important thing was for him to control his heart rate and finish all of the therapy to see amazing results.

Salvador’s miracle was made possible by all of his rescuers.

His rescuers were dedicated to the puppy’s welfare, and it was just a question of time, patience, and a lot of love until they began to see improvements.

The transformation process was difficult, but Salvador recovered miraculously owing to his angels.

He gained weight in a couple of days. Salvador not only changed his appearance, but he also acquired new pals with whom he felt fully protected and had hours of fun.

He is now content and the most spoiled dog in his new family.

He now had safe food and a place to live. Best of all, he was adopted by a kind family eager to make him the happiest dog on the planet.

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This skinny dog was on the verge of death until this happened, and his life has totally transformed..
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