A brave husky finds a package full of dead kittens and adopts them

Dog Banner certainly has a large heart.

She likes assisting other animals in addition to often caring for her owner, Whitney Braley, who has disabilities.

This cute puppy with a large heart is three years old, and her owner has taught her from birth that she can assist her with whatever she needs.

She recognizes the onset of PTSD and headaches, can act as a guide, and understands how to deliver drugs, among other things.

This owner and her dog like to save other animals in need.

She claims they help a lot of people and that she enjoys little kitties. A cat ended up with her when they discovered her in a canal the year before, and this magnificent husky reared her.

That sad cat is still in their household, and she has delivered over 10 batches of kittens in that time.

Her dog discovered seven newly born tiny kittens. They were inside some old cardboard in the midst of the woods.

Of course, she quickly alerted her owner, who she then presented to them.

When she placed her head in the box, she delicately collected the young kittens and moved them to another secure area.

Someone seems to have done it deliberately. He sealed them in the box in the hopes that they would perish.

They clearly thought no one would find them. It’s also strange how Banner sensed them inside since they didn’t make any noise.

It’s horrible enough to think about it, much less do it. It’s cruel to leave babies in the woods to perish.

Banner has been with them continuously since he brought them. She is clearly pleased with herself and proud of it.

She’s been spayed for a year and a half, but she still has maternal instincts.

This lovely dog’s owner has chosen to find a proper home for kittens where they will be protected and cherished.

She expresses her gratitude to Banner for allowing these kittens to spend their lives.

Bravo to this incredible dog; he accomplished a great deal. You may visit her profile on social media to see many more photos.

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A brave husky finds a package full of dead kittens and adopts them
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