Meet the real-life Mowgli, whose unusual relationship with animals has made him famous on social media

Many people consider this person to be the modern-day Mowgli. The guy appreciates his name and displays himself appropriately.

Kody has long hair and often dresses in black leopard-print shorts that resemble a piece of fabric.

He is in charge of his father’s firm. He does research and works with wild cats. By the way, their family also manages the world’s sole large tiger.

The creature is a cross between a tiger and a lion.

A liger may reach 410 kilograms in weight.

Kody’s father’s research showed that ligers used to be common on Earth, which explains why these two types of cats are so similar.

Kody grew up engaging with animals and eventually learned how to train them.

The guy seemed entirely at ease in the presence of these creatures.

While playing with them, he imitates the sounds of lions and tigers.

In addition to tigers, his family has an elephant and a monkey in their facility. He always makes time for each animal.

What a fascinating tale. Do you want to be him?