A terrified rescue dog finds comfort in her 11-month-old faithful companion. Look at how they sleep every day

Dogs, with their never-ending optimism and unlimited supply of joy, contribute so lot to help us through terrible times in our lives. And every now and then, we have the opportunity to repay the favor and do something for them, says majesticanimals.

That being said, get prepared to meet Nora the dog and 11-month-old Archie. These two have been best friends since the day they met, and their tale will undoubtedly make you smile and remind you just how intense the bond between a person and a dog can be.

But let us begin at the beginning. Nora, you see, did not have an easy start in life. In reality, it was just the opposite. Nora comes from an abusive background and has suffered severe emotional scarring as a consequence. Because of her horrific trauma, Nora was terrified of practically everything and everyone. Because she was terrified, the dog would strike out whenever someone approached her.

“At any time of day, you’re sure to find a pile of kids, cats, and/or dogs sleeping about the home someplace,” Archie’s mother, Elizabeth Spence, told the Dodo.

That is, until she met Archie. Nora accepted the infant the moment they met, and the two were nearly inseparable from then on. Nora was first drawn to the infant because of his easygoing demeanor, and their bond only became deeper over time.

“Archie is a really laid-back, joyful, good-natured baby, and all the animals, especially Nora, seem to really react to that,” Spence added. “She comes from an awful home and is terrified of practically everything.” Archie, on the other hand, She is completely adored by him! ”

Most likely, the baby provides Nora with the stability and protection she needs to overcome her difficult history. What a wonderful couple!