Chowder who used to live on the streets, now can’t believe he has a home and hugs every day

With puncture marks all over his face, one can only imagine how harsh his brief existence had been. He should have been tucked gently in a nice bed in his permanent home as a newborn, but it wasn’t the life he knew. But Chowder had no idea that his loneliness was about to end one rainy day as he cuddled up in a mound of rubbish, comfortably behind an old mattress.

Donna Lochmann, a Stray Rescue of St. Louis rescuer, described Chowder’s discovery: “There’s an extremely kind couple that lives in the vicinity, and the husband had evidently gone out to the alley to throw some garbage away.”

When the husband stepped outside, he discovered that this white dog had taken refuge behind this corner of a mattress… He also offered him some food and drink.

He contacted Stray Rescue of St. Louis, and Donna and a rescue partner were soon on their way!

Chowder was overjoyed to see them. “He went straight up to me as we got out of the vehicle.”

“He was the sweetest little boy.” He was not terrified of us or anything else. “I believe he was simply relieved that someone was polite to him.”

Chowder happily climbed into the vehicle and onto the lap of Donna’s fellow rescue companion after kissing her. “He had his head on her shoulder and his face buried in her arm.” ” He was simply grateful to be comfortable and to have pleasant people around him.”

Stray Rescue said on Facebook, “The idea of someone treating him badly makes us so weepy.”

Stray Rescue and Chowder are both “very appreciative of the calls for action.”

Chowder is finally able to be a crazy puppy since he’s no longer alone and battling for his life every day in foster care. The cute pooch apparently enjoys dazzling everyone with his “puppy leaps and twirls.”

As he recovers from his ordeal, “he is receiving LOTS of love and kisses” and giving a lot in return as he prepares for his future home.

Despite all he’s gone through, he’s so cheerful. He is finally secure. “

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Chowder who used to live on the streets, now can’t believe he has a home and hugs every day
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