A brave wolf dog saves his owner and a blind horse from a frozen lake. Here is the story

Something was awry, according to Biyou the dog.

Lisa and Calvin are an Ohio couple who breed quarter horses on their property.
On their farm, they care for a variety of animals, including Lisa’s wolf-mix dog, Biyou.

Lisa underwent surgery one winter and was confined to her house to recover.

When the horses were returning from grazing one day, she realized something wasn’t quite right.
Cass, an elderly blind mare, had gone missing. Lisa had known Cass since he was a foal and knew this was out of character for him.

The old horse bolted and walked away, leaving him stranded at the bottom of a valley.The unfortunate horse had slipped on the ice.

Despite the agony from her surgery and the frigid temperatures, Lisa went out to hunt for Cass.

She screamed out one more time, as she was ready to give up searching, and the mare responded.

Lisa went down to the gully and tried to catch Cass’ halter, but she too fell through the ice.

In the very cold water, the duo was in grave danger. Lisa’s heart fell as she realized no one would ever find her there.

She felt this was the end of her and Cass’s relationship, but Biyou, her devoted wolf-dog, realized something was wrong and went hunting for her.