A man gets emotional after discovering his missing pets(Video)

Sandy Hernandez went searching for his two huskies after discovering they had gone missing. The two puppies broke through the fence and ran away from their owner’s safe property in Miami, Florida.

He started putting up fliers and investigating shelters as soon as he found the dogs were gone. He was distraught, but he was determined to locate his closest furry friends and return them securely. He had no clue where they had gone or which direction they had gone, so he had no option but to check everywhere.

The dogs had been missing for many days before destiny intervened. When Hernandez went to visit the shelter after getting a tip that they had taken the canines to a shelter, he witnessed something that stopped his heart. His two huskies were posing for shots outside the shelter! A few days after Hernandez lost the dogs, a photo shoot was going on at a nearby shelter for Ocean Drive Magazine.

The purpose of the shoot was to raise adoption awareness and draw attention to the dogs in the city’s shelters. When Hernandez arrived, the two beautiful stars, aka the lost huskies, were having their photos taken in order to be adopted. With their lovely fur and bright blue eyes, the photographer thought they’d look great on a website or magazine cover.

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A man gets emotional after discovering his missing pets(Video)
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