Skinny dog that had been chained for four years! Now he has found a forever home, and here is how love transformed him

Meet Tom, the malnourished dog that spent the first four years of his life tethered to a tree and without enough food and water. His callous Alabama-based owner didn’t care about the dog’s health conditions, which ranged from worms to mange-or the fact that the adorable canine was very underweight, weighing less than 40 pounds when he was rescued.

Fortunately, dog rescue organizations learned about Tom and transported him to a canine adoption center in Minnesota, where he found his eventual owner. “I was pulled to him first since he was one of a dozen or so dogs and the only one that wasn’t barking, whining, or leaping about,” Tom’s new “parent” writes.

When his present owner brought the abandoned animal home, he waited for about two minutes at the front door. “I was frightened that he wouldn’t be able to make it up the stairs after such a long time of experiencing animal cruelty.” But he gradually worked his way up into his new home. ”

Tom was transported to the doctor, who diagnosed him with a cracked tooth and the necessity for heartworm treatment. Tom, on the other hand, has a bright future.

He now weighs about 70 pounds and is a loving family pet!