The English Bulldog Zsa Zsa has been named the world’s ugliest dog

The World’s Ugliest Dog Contest is an annual event in which people get together to celebrate their adorable, ugly dogs.

The festival, which is in its 30th year, was held in the San Francisco Bay region on Saturday night, and the title was awarded to a 9-year-old English bulldog called Zsa Zsa after a close competition. The flaws of the beloved dogs show through in this competition; some of the canines have no hair, while others have very long tongues.

Zsa Zsa became the ugliest of them all this year, and her owner is going to collect a $1,500 reward. This dog was a puppy mill dog for five years before being sold at a dog auction. She was adopted by a family that appreciated her charming attitude and unique appearance after she was acquired by Underdog Rescue. Do you believe Zsa Zsa has what it takes to be the “ugliest”?