This teenage boy is hailed as a hero, and here’s why

Cameron Martin, 13, is being hailed as a hero after jumping into ice cold water to save a drowning horse. The courageous small man spent more than an hour in the canal trying to hold the horse’s head up until aid came. The horse was eventually rescued owing to this “little hero.”

Cameron, of Lowestoft, North Yorkshire, was visiting the Midspirit Equestrian farm near Burgh Castle when he saw the horse Domino fighting to get out of the canal.

“I was coming up to my field to meet my pony when I realized one of the owner’s ponies wasn’t where it was supposed to be,” the youngster said. “I was coming up to my field to check my pony when I realized one of the owner’s horses was not where it was supposed to be.” My first idea, after panicking, was to check the dike. I spotted it in the water, attempting to go under. “I simply did what needed to be done.”

Tanya Docwra-Smith, the farm’s owner and the lady who was caring for the 13-year-old child at the time, says she began to fear when she discovered Cameron had been missing for more than an hour, so they began looking for him.

“He often walks out on his own for half an hour or so, which we’re accustomed to, but on this day he was gone for far over an hour and we began to fear,” the mother told Eastern Daily Press. “He kept hopping back in and out of the water.” It was all quite frightening. It came out that he was holding Domino’s head above water to prevent him from drowning.”

Tanya phoned for aid after understanding what was going on, and Domino was ultimately dragged out of the frigid canal and transported to a hot bath. However, the horse’s life could not have been spared if Cameron had not intervened. The courageous youngster held Domino’s head up with every ounce of effort.

“Cameron understands how to manage horses so well that he’d had the foresight to climb on the side of the dike every now and then to jump about and wave his hands to grab our attention,” Tanya said. “He knew that leaving the horse for even a second would have resulted in its”

Cameron was overjoyed that he was able to save the poor horse’s life, even if he was trembling like a leaf. Despite this, he confesses that his efforts were exhausting. “I was so tired afterwards that I slept for 24 hours, woke up for five, and then slept for 22 more,” he said.

But his bravery earned him praise from the horse’s owner, the local community, and the media. Tanya said, “Not even an adult would have the courage to do what he did.” “He and the horse have connected as a result of this!”

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This teenage boy is hailed as a hero, and here’s why
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