Everyone Was Concerned About This Dog Who Seemed Dead

Hudson is a Siberian Husky from Muscatine, Iowa, and he is two years old. According to news he is deceiving people with his amazingly dead naps outside his dad’s job.

Dustin Trimble, Hudson’s dad, works as a mechanic at Rick’s Automotive. Aside from his job, Rick is regularly stopped by worried passers-by who wonder about the “dead” dog lying outside. When Dustin explains Hudson’s oddly limp sleeping pose and how much Hudson adores the sun, people get shocked.

Dustin recalls a customer who was skeptical about his explanation. The customer walked out to see how Hudson was doing. When he got a kind greeting from the sleepy dog, he realized he had been fooled! The customer was relieved, and he couldn’t help but smile at Hudson’s unintentional prank.

Hudson enjoys sunbathing and never misses an opportunity to take a sleep outside when the sun is shining brightly. Hudson is busy greeting visitors with his gorgeous tail wags and grins when he isn’t resting. Hudson may be lazy and laid-back, but he’s a wonderful boy (and not dead)!

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Everyone Was Concerned About This Dog Who Seemed Dead
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