A Stray Dog Makes Sure a Woman Stops Her Car to Save Her

After escaping from a woman’s car in rural Greece, the stray puppy is more successful than he would ever imagine.

When a woman whose name is Valya was driving along the road, the dog appeared from nowhere.
During this time, no other car stopped to help a poor dog; coldness, according to Valya, is the common attitude of many people toward the country’s millions of stray dogs. Valya realized she couldn’t go and leave puppy alone.
In the video below she says, “I just couldn’t let that innocence get dirty or hurt.”

She finally catched her, brought to her car, then puppy sit blissfully in her car, confident that she would look after her.

Valia acknowledged that she has never before raised a little dog. Many of the other dogs she rescued were big ones.

But she realized that all of her efforts to support puppy has renewed her faith in animal rescue.

“Puppy was rescued in Greece in late October 2020,” she said. “She is two months old, has gotten her first vaccinations, is worm-free, healthy, and is as joyful as she can be.”

Puppy will be ready for adoption through SCARS, a Valia-based non-profit animal shelter.

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A Stray Dog Makes Sure a Woman Stops Her Car to Save Her
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