Incredible Photos of a Giant Whale Breaching Next to a Small Boat

Nature often reminds us of how magnificent it can be by revealing its true self. This was shot flawlessly in the seas of Monteray Bay, California, a popular whale-watching destination.

Photographer Douglas Craft captured the incredible sight of a massive humpback whale breaching the sea right near to a little fishing boat. “The whale is massive!” Douglas continues in an interview. I’d probably need some new undergarments if I’d been the fisherman.”

The whale appeared even more massive when compared to the little fishing boat and the angle from which the images were taken, as the photographer explained: “I went below deck to shoot from a porthole close to the waterline.” That’s what gives you this incredible view of the whale from above.”

Kate Cummings, a whale watcher who was on the trip with Douglas, had recorded the magnificent whale breaching on camera, and when asked about it, she stated, “It was great experience shooting this footage.” The whale had already breached many times, far away from the fishermen.

When whales breach many times, however, they may also be moving in a certain direction while beneath, gaining momentum for the next breach. Because the whale was traveling in that direction, I assumed the next breach would be near the fisherman, and it was! I didn’t imagine the whale and the boat to be so perfectly aligned.”

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Incredible Photos of a Giant Whale Breaching Next to a Small Boat
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