Loyal Dog refuses to Leave Her owner’s Side in Hospital after Saving her Life

Dogs are, for sure, extremely loyal animals. They repeatedly express their love and devotion to their human. A photo of a service dog laying on a hospital bed with the human mother is gaining popularity these days. When Shauna Darcy chose to adopt a puppy to calm her down with her anxiety, the connection between the mother and the dog grew quite deep.

Ruby proved to be more than a service dog for her, and she made a wonderful decision in adopting her. Ruby has become a great friend to Shauna. Shauna and the adorable puppy are a perfect match. Ruby was a service dog, but she started picking up on variations in her heart rate and behaving weird, according to Shauna. The dog would paw at her in an attempt to gain her attention.

Shauna considers Ruby to be more than just a dog. She was like a guardian angel that was always looking out for her mother.
Shauna’s blood pressure and heart rate were being monitored by Ruby. She also had vascular Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, which is an uncommon cardiac ailment. Aside from that, she helps her mother deal with her panic attacks by providing companionship.

Shauna claims that anytime she was unconscious, the dog jumped on top of her and applied all of her weight on her, licking her hands and face until she woke up. Ruby recently saved her human’s life when she began to warn Shauna that something was wrong.

At that time though Shauna was feeling fine yet she decided to go with the instinct of the dog and called an ambulance. It was good that she called an ambulance as her heart was going into atrial fibrillation and when the paramedics came she was in pain and barely conscious.

Shauna’s life was saved by Ruby. Ruby was not ready to leave her human mother’s side, even in the hospital. Only Ruby kept Shauna alive, according to her. Yes, the dog was truly special and devoted, saving her human mother’s life.

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Loyal Dog refuses to Leave Her owner’s Side in Hospital after Saving her Life
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