Woman Adopts an “Undesired” Husky Who Has a Tumor That invades His Whole Nasal Cavity and Face

The President of Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab Reform accepts the duty of caring for dogs that are in severe need of rescue and rehabilitation. Although the organization was founded to help in the street dogs in Dallas, Texas, it has since expanded into a last resort rescue for canines that are unlikely to be adopted.

Serenity is suffering from a tumor that has essentially destroyed all of the bones in her face. That hasn’t prevented her from expressing her personality and influencing others on the internet, though.

This common factor is what makes her so special.
“She is so lovely, and she has so much life inside her,” Serenity’s new foster mother, Patti Dawson, said of her new foster daughter. “She is so sweet, and she has so much life inside her.”

Serenity has already sought treatment from an oncologist, an internal medicine doctor, and a critical care specialist. She is able to see, breathe, and eat, but there is little that can be done to treat the tumor itself.

Although Dawson, her new mom was hoping for better news, she will continue to love Serenity and provide her with an amazing life.
Dawson, on the other hand, sensed something the first time she met Serenity, and it was before those excursions.

In Dawson’s words, “she stands up, leans in with this massive tumor on her chest and does this bump to me, like dogs do the bump, and licked my face.” Then I realized we were going to battle to the end for her, because she still had life in her.” “I knew we were going to fight to the death for her because she still had life in her.”

“We didn’t get the news we wanted, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop loving her and giving her the life she deserves,” Dawson said.

So thankful that someone took her  so that she wouldn’t be alone and that she could give her  the love and medical treatment that she needs. I’m devastated that the doctors are unable to save this adorable furbaby!

Bless this wonderful lady for providing this sweet puppy with a loving and permanent home, which is exactly what all canines need.

We wish her the best!

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Woman Adopts an “Undesired” Husky Who Has a Tumor That invades His Whole Nasal Cavity and Face
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