A Brave Stray Dog Rescues a Dying Woman From an Auto Crash and Carries Her Over 100 Feet by Himself

Shannon Lorio had just had a fight with her husband and needed some space when she got into her car on the evening of January 26. But what went out as a short drive to blow some air away turned into a dangerous situation in which she would have to battle for her life.

Shannon lost control of her vehicle while speeding down the ‘Nascar Road,’ a long stretch of Georgia’s black mountain top. Shannon crashed with strong emotions and uncertain weather circumstances on a highway where drivers prefer to slow down due of the large distance and minimal traffic.

Lorio remembered the event in an interview with tears:
“I was angry, and I was speeding. I turned on a windy and curvy road, getting into the first turn with no problems – but when I entered the second turn, the car had a tail. It took me out of the driver’s seat and threw me out of the back glass.

Shannon was knocked out and was bleeding heavily and in terrible pain when she arrived. She was well aware that she need assistance. Her injuries, however, prevented her from moving.

Shannon was in desperate need of a miracle. And that’s exactly what she received when she awoke after another fainting spell to be swooned by a German Shepard — appropriately called a Hero.

The hero arrived to save the day.

“I don’t know how long I went out before coming, but I remember coming here. I felt this enormous presence. I don’t know if he was going around. I don’t know if he’ll go back to his original owner. But he walked past me, and thanks to God, he did. “ Sharon said in the interview.

Thank you, God! Hero refused to leave Shannon until he had got her to safety, knowing that she require help.
“My face bled, and he started licking my face. And the next time I arrived, he made me turn around, and half get out of the car. He pulled me out of the car in the back. She recounted.

Hero, dedicated and powerful, manages to get Sharon out of the wrecked car and onto the curb, where passers-by can plainly see her. Miss Shannon wrapped her arms around Heros’ neck and tried to lift herself, knowing she couldn’t see. Shannon was finally able to identify the person driving the pass, who promptly called 911 and phoned her husband.

The danger could not be avoided in the end. The extent of the cut could not be observed until she was admitted to the hospital.

Shannon was suffering from an intracranial brain bleed and was going to die. Instead, doctors may be able to send Shannon home after a short stay in the hospital, all because of his bravery.

Shannon informed the interviewer about the significance of what the Hero has done for her:
“This dog, it did everything, and it is such a wonderful animal, it is. If he hadn’t saved me, I wouldn’t be here today. ”

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A Brave Stray Dog Rescues a Dying Woman From an Auto Crash and Carries Her Over 100 Feet by Himself
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