A touching moment ! A gorilla and a park ranger share a heartwarming hug

What better way to express devotion to someone you care about than with a huge warm hug? This is how a young gorilla chose to repay the guy who put his own life in danger to defend her. In a series of personal photos, Ndazi expresses her feelings for her keeper, Andre.

The touching photos show them having sweet moments in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Virunga National Park. Shannon Witz, a wildlife photographer living in Chicago, observed the events and captured them on film. However, it is not only the friendly primate that is fond of her guardian, but Andre as well, who displays nothing but great grins and enjoyment while around these beautiful animals.

The moving visuals highlight the remarkable link that exists between these endangered gorillas and the individuals who are prepared to risk their lives to defend them. Only by looking at these images can you see how much trust they have for one another. Over the previous two decades, more than 180 park rangers are said to have perished while attempting to preserve wildlife in natural parks. This demonstrates how passionate and caring these folks are for nature.

Shannon told CATERS NEWS, “I was quite thrilled with the images, particularly the one when Ndazi is leaning towards Andre.” “Her eyes are closed, and there is a feeling of quiet and tranquility at that moment…” It demonstrates their real care and trust for one another. It was a great moment that I was privileged to witness.

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A touching moment ! A gorilla and a park ranger share a heartwarming hug
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