They Found This Beautiful Horse in an Awful Condition! Look at His Incredible Transformation 

Heidi, a pony presumed to be dead in the middle of squalor, was discovered at a building site in East Durham, England. However, after seeing her breathing, the volunteers recognized they’d come upon one of the worst cases of neglect they’d ever seen and acted quickly.

“The decision was made to give her a chance and it took five people to lift her to her feet,” said the spokesperson of Here 4 Horses Equine Charity.

Heidi’s miraculous recovery journey was then captured in a series of videos that show what a warrior she was. Let’s have a look at Heidi’s incredible change, which will make you weep as we did.

The BHS volunteer was shocked to discover what he believed was a dead horse when he got at the spot.

Heidi was discovered in the most awful condition, according to Wendy, the horse care and education specialist who founded the charity.

“When rescuers turned up, they met with a knacker man who had been called by the owner to come and collect her body,” she told us and added, “Whether he thought she was already dead is irrelevant—she had been subject to the most awful suffering.”

The rescue team, on the other hand, decided to give the small pony a chance.
Heidi was in severe condition, unable to stand or move. “The early days were touch and go, as we dealt with her serious weakness and such a low blood protein level that a plasma transfusion was required,” Wendy recounted. It took more than 5 weeks for the pony to be able to stand by herself.

Heidi was put on a plasma transfusion drip after a blood test revealed she was underweight. Healthy horses contributed many liters of blood.

The pony had to wear padded dressings during the therapy, and the Here4Horses crew “had to get creative, turning numerous pairs of leggings into shorts to help protect her pressure sores from damage.”

But it wasn’t a smooth and simple road back. Wendy said “Too many sores, worms, parasites, and infections had been given time to take hold and it took months and months to get Heidi well enough to run free in our pastures.” Essentially, Heidi has a feisty character, which the team believes was essential to her recovery.

The pony’s long journey to recovery began after she received medical care.

Heidi was on the severe end of neglect and brutality, according to Wendy, and the Here4Horses team only handles cases like this once or twice a year. “Whilst we do see this level of harm and illness all too often, it is plain and simple cruelty or ignorance of horse knowledge and care or how to properly meet their needs.”

Thankfully, the wounds began to heal.

Heidi began to look brighter after a long period.

She gained weight after some time.

Heidi’s happy personality and sparkling hair were all over the place!

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They Found This Beautiful Horse in an Awful Condition! Look at His Incredible Transformation 
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