Adopted Dog Felt Something is Wrong With the Baby and Hurried to Wake up Parents! What happened after, Truly Amazed us!

Dogs may be more than just man’s best friend; they can also be true superheroes.
One family was blessed enough to have a dog that grew up to be a hero for whom they would be eternally grateful.

They are the Brousseaus, and it all began when they decided to adopt a puppy one day.
They went to an animal shelter in Portland, Connecticut with the hopes of finding the perfect dog for them.

They came upon a puppy called Duke while checking the area. The family fell in love at first sight right then and then. They organized everything right away, brought the puppy home, and gave him a forever family to call his own.

Duke, unfamiliar to the family, would unexpectedly repay the favor.
The Brousseaus welcomed a fresh member to their lovely family five years later.

Duke provided the family nothing but loyalty and innumerable amazing moments throughout those five years. Duke has grown into a dependable animal friend as well as a great family pet.

The family was delighted to learn that they were expecting a child one day. Harper, their newborn baby daughter, was born not long after. Duke first saw their new baby’s gorgeous face and instantly fell in love with her.

Duke was well aware that they would one day become buddies and playmates. As Harper’s bigger dog-brother, it was going to be his obligation to defend her and make sure she was safe 24 hours a day, seven days a week. He also didn’t let the Brousseaus down.

Duke’s wild senses saved Harper from certain death one day.

He’s doing well as the family’s canine companion, but he’s particularly impressive as Harper’s furry bodyguard.

When the baby is sleeping, Duke checks on her frequently and relentlessly to ensure that his human-sister is always safe and sound.

His dog radar felt something was wrong one Sunday evening.
He sensed something was wrong and rushed into his owners’ bed in a fright, shivering excessively and whimpering to get their attention. Fortunately, it worked, and he was able to wake up the rest of the family.

Duke was an obedient dog, and the family thought his actions were strange.

They quickly realized something wasn’t right because of Duke’s strange conduct. They dashed towards Harper’s room, concerned, to check on her. She was just 9 weeks old at the time.

When parents entered their infant’s room, they were taken aback by what they saw.
Harper was not breathing!

With no time to spend, they dialed 911 for assistance, and an ambulance arrived shortly after. Harper was transported to the hospital for emergency medical care.

They got at the hospital just in time. They were only able to draw Harper back from the edge of death thanks to Duke’s actions.

The dog proved out to be not just his sister’s protection, but also an actual savior.

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Adopted Dog Felt Something is Wrong With the Baby and Hurried to Wake up Parents! What happened after, Truly Amazed us!
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