In Her Custom Wheels, a Little Two-legged Puppy Has a Need for Speed

Lovey Loaves is a rescue dedicated to the rehabilitation of dogs with special needs. Lovey Loaves swoops in when the odds are stacked against these adorable pups and provides them with the care they require to grow. It’s no surprise that this company was the first to learn about a little two-legged puppy that may benefit from their skills, given their track record of transforming a variety of wonderful animals.

On the night before Christmas Eve, Cheri Wells of the Lovey Loaves Rescue was approached with a desperate request for help. With only her two hind legs, a puppy was being pushed away from her mother for feedings. This small puppy, barely 2 weeks old, required quick assistance if she was to survive.

Lovey Loaves agreed to take in the small dog, and they were astounded at how small she was. She was about the size of Cheri’s palm and required round-the-clock feedings. Cheri and her husband Ward were up against it. In celebration of their new Christmas miracle, they named the small dog Noelle and promised to do everything it needed to help her survive.

Noelle became stronger and stronger as the weeks passed. She started pushing herself around on her two rear legs and was learning how to move about. Cheri and Ward both realized that moving little distances wasn’t enough. They realized it was time to place her in her own wheelchair, as they had done with many of the other disabled dogs in their care. They were able to buy an unique pair of wheels for this worthy girl because they were participating in events like The Wheels on Wallstreet alongside other rescues who focus on disabled dogs.

Noelle was not happy with the wheels when they came. She sat in her wheelchair for the first several days, unsure of what to do next. Noelle did not take to her wheelchair right away, but Cheri and Ward were patient and helped the small pup adapt to her new life on wheels.

“Noëlle’s not doing much yet. She’s mostly sitting, chillin’, taking it in and getting used to the feel of it. Treats enticed a few steps out of her but she didn’t go racing down the block. It’s a work in progress, but man oh man it’s pawsitively PAWSOME to see her in a cart!” – Lovey Loaves Instagram

Noelle was zooming around the yard on her homemade cart before they realized it. It was as if she could finally live the life she had always desired, and she was doing it to the full!

You can now find a variety of videos showing Noelle cruising around her yard, proving to the world that her disabilities do not make her bad. We have no doubt that Noelle will continue to inspire the globe with Lovey Loaves by her side!

Thank you, Lovey Loaves, for all of your hard work and devotion on behalf of the world’s crippled pets!

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In Her Custom Wheels, a Little Two-legged Puppy Has a Need for Speed
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