A Storm Survivor in Kentucky is Overjoyed after Discovering Her Pet Dog Alive

Natural disasters have become more common throughout time. Many people are affected by major disasters. They are separated from their loved ones and their homes. There are also those lucky persons who manage to avoid harm.

A woman from Kentucky was one among those who narrowly spared death. Approximately 88 individuals were killed in the devastating storms that hit the southern United States earlier this month. The survivors are recovering from their terrible experience and attempting to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of the disaster.

Mayfield was one of the hardest affected cities in the nation’s deadliest tornado. Deanna Badillo, a Kentucky resident, was fortunate enough to get it out of her house in time with her companion.

Deanna said that she and a friend had escaped death. She expressed gratitude to God for rescuing her. She recalled that they were able to flee by crawling out of a hole, and that everything happened so quickly that she couldn’t remember anything.

She stated that she did not see anything and that she felt unable to describe the event. While Deanna and her friend managed to avoid death, others did not have the same success.

The survivors had chosen to reassemble and search for signs of hope. Deanna had persuaded her to sign as a pet dog.

Deanna assumed her favorite dog would not have survived the tornado when it reached the city, based on the devastation. But, as luck would have it, her dog was spotted two days later by a neighbor and returned home.

Such surprising survivors bring a light of hope and give the desire to survive during such a natural disaster as the deadliest December tornado on record in the United States. Deanna considers her pet’s survival to be a wonderful achievement.

The dog’s survival is good news since it gives everyone hope.

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A Storm Survivor in Kentucky is Overjoyed after Discovering Her Pet Dog Alive
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