The “World’s Most Beautiful Horse”, The Akhal-Teke Is A Shiny Creature You Can Hardly Forget

Mother Nature never fails to astonish us with her richness of stunning beauty.
The Akhal Teke horse, nicknamed the “world’s most beautiful horse,” is no exception.

These magnificent animals, who are native to Turkmenistan in Asia, are most known for their gleaming’metallic’ coats.

Their genetics is key for their gleaming coats, which can reflect and refract light like metal.

The ‘hollow’ hairs on their coats generate a prism for light to pass through, making them appear’shiny.’

The Akhal Teke horse appears in a variety of colors, but the lighter-colored animals have a more beautiful light reflection.

This kind of horse is incredibly active, making them ideal for sports and lengthy rides that need a ton of energy.

It’s no surprise that the Chinese refer to these magnificent horses as “horses from heaven” because there are only about 6,000 of them in the world.