A Senior Dog was Stolen by Two Guys

Carl Magloire and his family were excited about the possibility of moving across the country. They are now residing in Brooklyn, New York, but were planning to move to Florida. But, on the day they were supposed to leave, their greatest nightmare came true.

Someone took Magloire’s beloved Pomeranian, Fresco, while he was loading his car and getting ready to depart. Fresco had been a part of the family for more than a decade, and they couldn’t picture their lives without him. Magloire is now refusing to leave Brooklyn until he has information that his animal pal is safe.

Magloire and Fresco were outside getting ready to move about 1 a.m. Fresco wasn’t on a leash at the time, and a noise across the street distracted Magloire. The 13-year-old Pomeranian wandered away and vanished when he wasn’t looking.

Part of the incident was captured on video by a neighboring security camera. While the camera does not show the suspects picking up the dog, it does show two persons in hoodies holding a little puppy. Although it’s difficult to tell, the dog appears to be Fresco. The suspects exchange a few words with one another before walking away with the puppy and not looking back.

Magloire and his wife had recently purchased a home in Florida and were preparing to move as soon as possible. Magloire had planned to fly with Fresco that day, but he has since canceled his flight in order to search for the dog. He doesn’t know when they’ll be able to restart their journey.

The parents and their kid are calling the authorities to return their dog safely. They are shocked that someone could be so heartless as to steal a senior dog from a loving family. Magloire is determined about not moving to Florida until he has found their animal companion. They can’t leave Fresco behind during such a significant change in their lives because he is a member of the family.

“Having a dog for 13 years, it’s not even a dog anymore. It’s like raising a child,” Magloire said.
The family didn’t think twice about delaying their big move to make room for their beloved cat. Magloire put up missing dog posters all throughout Brooklyn in the hopes of finding his canine family member. He’s giving a prize of $500 to anyone who can find the dog. At the intersection of Ocean and Church avenues, a fresco was taken. Any information about him might be important.

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