VIDEO! Horse follows Another Injured Horse for 8 km

On recent days a unique and extraordinary sight was spotted in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. On the internet  the film has gone viral.

A resident of Udaipur’s Haridasji Magri noticed an injured horse on the road. He contacted the volunteer group that the horse needed to be rescued and treated. An organization’s rescue team arrives, loads the injured horse into their ambulance, and drives to the Animal Treatment Hospitals.

After a short distance, an ambulance driver saw a horse rushing on the road across from their car.

The ambulance is trailed by a horse. When he saw it, he slowed their car down, and his friend horse followed him into the hospital.

The ambulance was in front, with the horse behind close after. On Monday afternoon, this unexpected scene was witnessed in Udaipur, Rajasthan. The internet has gone crazy over this video.

A resident of Udaipur’s Haridasji Magri noticed an injured horse on the road. He notified the animal rescue organization. The organization’s volunteers arrived with an ambulance after hearing the news. They then rescued the injured horse and transported it by ambulance to the hospital.

Surprisingly, the ambulance driver saw a horse following the car. After seeing the horse, the driver slowed down a little. After following the ambulance for about 8 kilometers, the horse arrived at the animal hospital.

The injured horse is later discovered to be the friend of the second horse. She didn’t want to abandon his injured companion. That’s why she chased down the ambulance till she arrived at the hospital.
The horse’s injury is being addressed. Her friend was likewise held on the premises of the hospital.

Many people have described the video as a lovely show of friendship after it went viral. This represents natural love and the strong tie that exists amongst silent animals on Mother Earth.

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