Lovely Moment! A Man Is Out on The Sweetest Date With His Dog

The other day, Gemma Colón stopped into a restaurant in New York City for a bite to eat. The visit, however, ended up satisfying more than just her appetite.

“I was greeted with one of the most shockingly uplifting images,” Colón told The Dodo. If you ask me, the dog sitting across the table from his owner was acting like a gentleman.

At the time, the dog and his owner looked to be in a love connection.

Colón was lucky enough to be seated next to the attractive pair and share their good fortune.

“The man’s dinner was accompanied by crossword puzzles and red wine. “Colón made the comment while the slowly sipping dog (his date) was happily enjoying his own cup of water.” “The dog had a really outstanding demeanor. This dog, in my opinion, has better table manners than some humans.”

Here’s a peek at the pair enjoying themselves on their night out:

Colón saw that other visitors were smiling at the sweet image as the man and his dog dined. No one had the bravery to interrupt their meal to commend them on their attractiveness, but Colón overheard them conversing with their server, indicating that this was not a one-time occurrence.

A waitress once told me that the dog was particularly wonderful, to which the guy replied that he takes the dog with him everywhere he goes. It seemed to be a very delightful date with lovely company, as far as I could tell.

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Lovely Moment! A Man Is Out on The Sweetest Date With His Dog
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