An orphaned polar bear cub climbs a rope to thank her saviors

When gold miners on the isolated Russian island of Bolshevik discovered an orphaned polar bear cub nearby their facility, they were taken aback. It’s unusual to see a bear cub without its mom, so this youngster’s mother had most likely left. The small creature seemed to be hungry and was drawn to the mine by the scent of food. The helpless infant approached the miners and asked to be fed.

Despite tight restrictions prohibiting the feeding of rare polar bears, the miners opted to feed her since protecting her was their main concern. They cared for the bear cub and fed it every day for many months. Sadly, she was rescued, but she lost her hunting skills. And the untamed animal was gradually tamed, much like a dog.

The miners finally completed their term and returned to the continent. They were forced to leave the cub on the island. They shouted for aid before leaving, since the bear couldn’t live without them for long.

“The employees could only get in contact with us after the conclusion of their work period, since they had no communication link at the base,” said Andrey Gorban, 56, director of Roev Ruchey Zoo in Krasnoyarsk, who was in charge of the rescue.

“We were informed that the men were returning to the mainland, and the bear had remained alone.” Our only hope was that they had left a large open garbage site, which the cub could eat on for weeks. ”

A rescue operation was initiated with the assistance of the Moscow Zoo. They deployed a chopper to Bolshevik Island to find the bear, and they were successful. The cat was at the construction site waiting for the employees, apparently missing her buddies. The bear was then sent to the Moscow Zoo, where it will be quarantined until a decision is made on where it will be properly housed.

Andrey Gorban hailed the miners’ kind hearts. For better or worse, they fed the extinct animal and thereby domesticated it, “he said.” The cub had a scant chance of survival unless the shift employees intervened. “

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An orphaned polar bear cub climbs a rope to thank her saviors
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