Wild Horse Risks His Life To Save Young Foal From Drowning

Horses come to mind quickly when we think of gorgeous creatures. These are extremely well-protected and loving creatures. Their family are extremely important to them, and they will do everything to defend them.

This moving scene, in which a wild horse saves a tiny foal, took place in Arizona’s Tonto National Forest. The scene was captured by a ranger who happened to be nearby at the moment.

Only a few mustangs can be seen in this national forest, despite the fact that there were formerly hundreds, if not thousands, of them. When Park Service worker Becky Standridge noticed a few horses eating along the Salt River’s banks, she understood exactly what was going on. Champ, a well-known horse, and his family were the focus of the story.

Everything was quiet for the most part until one point that day. Horses were separated into groups, although different noises could be heard. Champ wanted to know what was going on, so he crossed the river, despite the fact that the groups were mainly kept apart.

The water was fast, and the young foal was on the point of experiencing serious consequences. Nonetheless, the incredible champion arrived at at the perfect time.

When Champ realized the little foal was in danger, he behaved like a true hero. He spent the entire time with the foal.

Watch this heartbreaking video below!

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Wild Horse Risks His Life To Save Young Foal From Drowning
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