Gavel The Friendly Police Dog Was Retired ! Now He Has Another Dream Job

treated with care. When it comes to Gavel, though, he is the total opposite. He is an extremely social dog who enjoys hanging out with others; nevertheless, he despises his job.

Governor of Queensland

Gavel is a German Shepherd who lives in a kennel. He is from Queensland, Australia, and was fired because he is too friendly for police work. They were stumped for a new function for this dog until they came up with one that suited him well.

Perhaps he is more suited to the world of politics. Gavel is currently the Vice-Royal Dog and resides at Government House.

The governor of Queensland, Paul de Jersey AC, revealed on social media that many people at Open Day remarked on Gavel’s transition from police officer to Vice-Regal Dog. Everyone appears to have loved the events surrounding Gavel.

Governor of Queensland

Because of Gavel’s sociability, he now invites visitors to the Government House rather than dealing with criminals.

Governor of Queensland

Gavel has been through a lot in his life and profession, Jersey told the BBC. Gavel VRD, Vice-Regal Dog is his new title. With his current employment, he made a lot of people happy, both locals and those who were just passing through the estate.

Gavel seemed to be having a great time in his new position. He only wanted to be a friendly dog, which he is.

Jersey expressed his desire for this dog to stay with them for a long time to 7 News Brisbane.

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Gavel The Friendly Police Dog Was Retired ! Now He Has Another Dream Job
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