Kind Woman Converts Her House Into A Pet Hospice And Cares For 80 Senior Dogs At The Same Time

Meet Valerie Reid, an incredible woman who couldn’t stand the thought of any senior pets suffering alone, so she renovated her home into a hospice!

In Missouri, the non-profit Whispering Willows Senior Dog Sanctuary now cares for up to 80 puppies at once.

Valerie started the shelter in 2017 after her father’s aging Doberman couldn’t find a home.

“We didn’t have a chance to take her since my husband and I had surpassed the city’s pet limit.” She explained that because of her age, she was unable to find a new home with a rescue organization.

Valeria currently takes all senior dogs whose owners have passed away or who have moved into a retirement home and have spent too much time at a shelter.

“The dogs are allowed to wander between the two buildings and live openly with us.” They are treated like family members and follow us wherever we go.”

“Seeing how they change when they realize they are protected and loved is the best part.”

“Our purpose is to help people prepare for the end of life because none of us knows what tomorrow holds.”

“We have the opportunity to send off our seniors in style and comfort.” Yes, it is painful, but it is a privilege to love and care for them.”

“I decided to assist people who, like my father, could no longer care for their beloved elderly pets, but then my eyes were opened to how many dogs there were out there who require support.”

So Valerie and her husband Josh moved from Kansas City to Hermitage, Missouri, to start a new life.

They live in a 3,000-square-foot home with a 1,700-square-foot doghouse.

“I LOVE that we have so many small hearts that love us back,” she says. “The sanctuary truly flourished and developed to be far larger than I had planned.”

Valerie’s only request for the dogs is that they “leave this earth knowing how much they were loved.”

She now has 17 full-time employees who look after all 80 dogs around the clock! They have helped over 790 pets transition to their new lives since its inception.

“We want them to know they were loved as they leave this planet.” We frequently hold one other’s hands and cry.  She added, “They are family members, and we all love them.”

“Not only our wives and children, but even our beloved dogs, need to plan for the future.” D.e.a.t.h. does not terrify me. Growing old is a gift, and we must all face it at some point.”

“We try to help as many older pets as we can, but the number and subsequent medical expenditures overwhelm us.” We want to spread the word about the urgent need for senior care as well as our sanctuary.”

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Kind Woman Converts Her House Into A Pet Hospice And Cares For 80 Senior Dogs At The Same Time
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