Cute Dog Can’t Stop Jumping With Joy Every Time She Goes To The Beach

Dogs come in a variety of personalities. Some are quiet, while others are rather loud. Even having other dogs in the house isn’t enough to prevent a dog from being himself, and it may even bring out the best (and worst) in them.

One dog in particular has shown her passion for the beach in an energizing and unexpected manner.

She is a sassy and outspoken dog.

According to her owner Ashleigh MacPherson, Tofu has always been loud and can be pretty cheeky when she wants to be. The beach, on the other hand, is the one location where she can really express her wild side.

There’s a case of the zoomies here.

MacPherson told The Dodo, “She’ll zoom around and bark like a crazy.” “It seems that the beach is her favorite spot to visit.”

At the beach, Tofu enjoys jumping into the air with excitement.

Tofu expresses her excitement for her favorite vacation spot by leaping for pleasure as soon as she steps upon the beach. She repeatedly jumps into the air, never appearing to tire of the act.

On the beach, it has even attracted the gaze of others.

Other vacationers are enthralled by Tofu’s behavior.

“People we passed on our walk would light up with excitement when they saw her happy,” MacPherson added.
What’s the best way to deal with tofu?

When Tofu begins jumping about, the rest of the family dogs, notably her sister Kiko, are unsure what to make of her antics.

They often treat her as if she were missing a few marbles.

“My second dog wanted to join in, but she didn’t have the same jumping talents,” MacPherson added. “The other dogs with whom we were strolling appeared confused by this wild, leaping, noisy, ginger fox-looking dog.”

Tofu’s behavior has a motive.

Who can blame Tofu, though? She’s only expressing her affection for the beach. It also differentiates her from the other dogs, who ultimately become used to it. Some, like Kiko, even attempt to participate.

Tofu’s activities are most likely caused by the release of oxytocin, a hormone that may stimulate excitement.

This excitement allows a dog to release bursts of energy, which are most often shown by rushing about or, in Tofu’s case, jumping into the air. It’s entirely normal in any case.

Her favorite spot in the planet is the beach.

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Cute Dog Can’t Stop Jumping With Joy Every Time She Goes To The Beach
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