An elephant strolls through the reception area, surprising hotel guests! Look how people react

In Zambia, a hungry and thirsty elephant was recorded on camera wandering into a hotel to reach its lovely fruit tree.
Ian Salisbury, a safari guide at Mfuwe Lodge in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park, shot the footage.

The elephant moves around the hotel, pausing briefly to inspect a front-desk receptionist before going on.
The elephant was on its route to a tree in the hotel’s grounds called the Wild Mango (Cordyla Africana).

Despite the fact that there are several mango trees in the area, elephants routinely travel through the hotel from October to December in quest of a particular tree on the premises.

The annual journey is made by three generations of elephants from the same family.

‘Despite the fact that there are several trees in the vicinity, some elephants have owned one specific lodge tree.

Although there are other paths to the fruit tree, one is desirable and convenient for these creatures: up the front stairs and straight into the reception room, with little regard for the hotel’s human visitors.