Meet The Rare Pudu – The Tiniest And Cutest Deer In The World

These tiny deer, which are about the size of a domestic dog, are the world’s tiniest deer species.

There are two species of pudu, both of which are located in South America.

Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Colombia are home to the northern pudu, whereas Argentina and Chile are home to the southern pudu.

They stand between 12 and 16 inches tall.

Pudus, like the vast majority of grazing animals, is a vegetarian. Leaves, grass, seeds, and fruit that fall to the ground are all eaten by them.

They can reach foliage by standing on their rear legs. They can even climb trees when necessary, unlike their larger deer kin.

Pudus are cautious creatures that are always on the alert for predators. When chased, they sprint in a zigzag style, making it more difficult for bigger predators to capture them.

They have the ability to climb and leap when required.

These lonely creatures dwell in deep South American woods, where they create a complicated trail system to aid in their navigation.

Pudus are only seen together during mating season, which occurs in the autumn, and before giving birth to one or two fawns in the spring.

Their lifetime is normally 8 to 10 years, although this is in danger owing to a number of external factors, including habitat deterioration and diseases and parasites acquired from domestic dogs.

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Meet The Rare Pudu – The Tiniest And Cutest Deer In The World
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