German Shepherd Saves Owner’s Life Months After Being Adopted! Here Is What He’s Done

Heather Centrella, the adoption services office manager at Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge Inc., received a call from Brian Myers a few weeks ago. In September of last year, he acquired a 6-year-old German shepherd called Sadie from a shelter.

In an interview with Daily Paws, Centrella said, “He told me he wanted to inform me about an extraordinary story.”

Myers’ life had been spared by Sadie.

When he needed it the most, he had a protector.

According to ABC 7, Myers had a stroke on Jan. 16 at his New Jersey home and slumped on his bedroom floor.

According to, Sadie came to his side and kissed his face, keeping him awake throughout the horrific encounter.

Myers reasoned that if Sadie kept watch over him, he may be able to use her as a weight to help him get off the floor. “She immediately knew to assist me by pulling her body weight and tugging me enough to give me the power to get me out of the corner I was caught in,” he said to the network when he grabbed her collar.

Centrella said she felt shivers when she heard the account. “I couldn’t believe he was giving me this narrative,” she adds, “something you usually only see in movies.”

Sadie has no rescue experience, according to Centrella. “She was so tuned in to [Brian] that she sensed he was in trouble and needed assistance.”

An Instinctual Bond Between the Animal and the Owner

Despite the fact that Myers has only had the puppy for a few months, the two obviously have a strong attachment. Myers claims that he made the decision to adopt Sadie within the first 30 minutes of meeting her.

When Sadie’s former family’s living condition deteriorated, she was surrendered to RBARI. Centrella says she wanted a “kind household that acknowledged her limits.” “Brian just checked every box.”

He added, “She leapt into my vehicle and we’ve built a deep relationship.”

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German Shepherd Saves Owner’s Life Months After Being Adopted! Here Is What He’s Done
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