Adorable Footage of This Duo Went Viral! Baby Monkey Hitches a Ride on The Back of a Little Tiger Cub

So many different speciies of animals world have build beautiful friendships.” However, this appears to be the first time we’ve seen this kind of reunion.  Prepare to be overwhelmed with adorable infant monkey-tiger cub friendship photos!

3-month-old lion cub was observed doubling down on the 4 -month-old baby monkey! The duo appear in perfect harmony as they wander around the cage, something zoo staff allows them to do at times, once he climbs on after an initial struggle.

The couple has a particular bond because they grew up together when the mother tiger left her cub.

It is not shocking that the video went viral so rapidly.

“They like spending time with each other. We’d let them play together sometimes.”

‘The monkey was initially terrified by the tiger. ‘However, they rapidly grew acquainted and are now great friends,’ she continued.

The zoo posted the adorable video of the two on Douyin, China’s version of TikTok, and it soon racked up over 200,000 views.