Emotional moment! Mama giraffe is patiently waiting for her newborn baby to show signs of life

A few fortunate visitors to the Memphis Zoo in Tennessee were treated to a one-of-a-kind event that they will most likely never forget. They saw a female giraffe give birth to her first child, and the whole event was captured on camera!

Youtube/Memphis Zoo

The giraffe was only expected a few days later, so no one on the zoo staff anticipated it to happen as soon as it did. But someone who was there and lucky enough to see it happen was able to record it on video as it happened.

Youtube/Memphis Zoo

In the dramatic footage, mom is seen looking for the best place to give birth to her child.And after the baby is born, mom’s strong instincts kick in, and she takes her duty as a caregiver with the type of love and care that only a mother can deliver. Fortunately, the baby was totally healthy, and the zookeepers did not need to interfere. The new mom and her newborn were able to spend time connecting and enjoying each other’s wonderful company.

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