Incredible friendship between a baby elephant and cute giraffe will melt your heart! Click below to see their most amazing moments

An orphan elephant calf and giraffe create a beautiful bond after being rescued in Nairobi, proving that love knows no bounds.

After being discovered defenseless and all alone by the Kenya Wildlife Service, Kiko, a juvenile giraffe, was brought to a wildlife trust in Nairobi National Park.

He had been too small to nap in a giraffe cage, so he was put with the elephants, where he formed an unexpected bond with his orphaned neighbor Loboito, a lively three-week-old baby.

Friendship has no limits, and an elephant and giraffe have established an endearing friendship after being rescued.

The animals were placed next to each other since Kiko was too small to remain in the giraffe cages.

When jogging after his tall companion, Loboito the elephant may be seen working to keep up.

The touching moment was filmed in a camer, and it displays a little giraffe playing with his new pal, who was carried in after being found alone and starving in Samburu.

Since they still need only  breast milk, none of these loving pals have lived in the wild, but due to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Orphanage, they’ve been given an opportunity to live their life in their natural habitat.

And what Loboito misses in height compared to his lengthy companion, he more than makes up for in excitement.

An elephant can be seen happily racing behind the rescued Kiko as he travels around the orphanage, attempting to keep up with his spotted friend.

The young calf really enjoys spending a lot of time under his friend’s lengthy legs.

Amazing videos show Kiko reaching out to cuddle up on cheeky Loboito as he attempts to catch up.

The staff remarked that, despite the fact that the pair is still bottle-feeding, they will soon want a stool to reach the swiftly developing Kiko.

Conservation organization members say that the small elephant enjoys nothing more than lying under his friend’s long legs.

Other upset elephants can be seen lined up alongside Kiko and Loboito to be massaged and fed by their carers, wearing colourful jackets.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s Managing Director is Rob Brandford (UK).

“Kiko is exceptionally trustworthy and loving with his carers, and he really enjoys spending time with other elephants since he was rescued,” he added.

“Loboito accompanies Kiko about everywhere he goes, preferring to spend time under his legs and tummy.”

Both creatures would not be alive today if not for the amazing efforts of the rescue crew and carers.

“Both creatures cannot live in the wild without breast milk,” he explained.

“Until they are grown enough to go back into the wild, they remain given particular care.”

“Our committed caregivers take the place of orphaned children’s family and remain with them 24 hours a day, including sleeping in a cage with them at night.”

Enjoy the lovely moment by watching the entire video.

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Incredible friendship between a baby elephant and cute giraffe will melt your heart! Click below to see their most amazing moments
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