Sick Zoo Worker Gets Final Goodbye Kiss From Giraffe

Mario’s sickness had advanced to the point that he was constantly confined to his bed, according to the Independent. He was having trouble communicating, and it was difficult for him to make coherent comments.

The desire on his face, on the other hand, was enough to persuade anybody. The Ambulance Wish Foundation, a nonprofit organization, stepped in to help him. He was transported to the hospital in a specially outfitted ambulance so he could visit his friends once again.

The giraffes could sense his sorrow. When Mario was led to the giraffe exhibit, something extraordinary happened. The giraffes approaching the ambulance carrying Mario, sticking their heads through the glass one by one, was unsettling. They could see he was in a lot of pain and had been through a lot. They nuzzled him, kissed him, and comforted him with regretful expressions on their faces.

The Ambulance Wish Foundation’s founder, Kees Veldboer, stated, “These animals recognized him and sensed that something wasn’t right with him.” The experience had a significant affect on Mario.

“It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” Veldboer stated, “You saw him smiling.” He had one last chance to visit the zoo where he had grown up. He had the chance to say his final farewell to his employees as well. Love from all corners of the globe The Ambulance Request Foundation is a non-profit organization that fulfills terminally ill people’s ultimate wishes by transporting them to a place of particular significance.

With approximately 1506 volunteers, the organization was formed in the Netherlands and is now well-established in the United Kingdom. Mario’s story soon went viral after the group shared it on their Facebook page in 2014. Several news sources picked it up and shared it on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The story affected many people, and the giraffes’ ability to discern Mario’s pain astounded them. “Animals are the most lovely and ethereal beings,” one wise Buzz Nick commenter said. They see, feel, and touch our spirits in mysterious ways.

Despite the fact that the giraffes were unable to detect cancer in their friend’s body, they were able to sense his sorrow and pain. Many animals are amazing in general, with many being able to express and feel emotions from both their own species and humans.

Elephants, for example, display comparable behaviors when grieving the loss of a loved one. They stand for hours around the dead animal’s body, caressing it with their trunks and seeming sad.

Of course, we must include our “best friend”; dogs not only show emotion, but studies have shown that they can detect cancer in patients.

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Sick Zoo Worker Gets Final Goodbye Kiss From Giraffe
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