Baby Seal “Thanks” Rescuers For Helping Him

Humans have had a negative influence on marine life, both directly and indirectly. Destructive fishing techniques, oil spills, errant fishing nets, and poorly managed rubbish are just a few of the actions that hurt and endanger aquatic wildlife, causing them great misery. Ocean Conservation Namibia (OCN) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of these helpless creatures.

OCN rescuers Antoine and Naude visit Walvis Bay to search for seals trapped in fishing nets. Due to the commercial fishermen activities widespread in the region, numerous seals become entangled in those terrible wires, making this a routine morning check for the duo. However, owing to a precious angelic baby seal, this turned out to be a memorable day for the rescuers!

When a seal is caught in a fishing net, it panics and frantically runs around. The  nets tighten around their fragile bodies as a result, severely harming them. Most of these seals would not survive because of starvation or suffocation if rescuers did not act.

The rescued seals have a habit of biting their rescuers and fleeing in anger, which is natural given their intense quest to survive. When Antoine and Naude filmed one terrified baby seal in this video, they were in for a sweet surprise!

When the rescue team came close to this unique seal baby, he was unusually peaceful. As a stinging fishing line hurt his neck, he glanced at them with his wide melancholy eyes. When a rescuer touched his neck to cut the net, he trembled in fear. But the seal’s face lit up with gratitude the instant he was set free!

Unlike his other rescued seals, this newborn seal did not dash off to rejoin his herd at breakneck speed. Instead, he stayed on the beach, frequently turning his head to the rescuers in a cute attempt to express gratitude! It’s a shame that such magnificent creatures suffer as a result of human indifference.

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