When a woman returned home , she found a box on the curb and attempted to resuscitate the little body left inside

As the day came to a conclusion, a woman named Ashley prepared to leave work and go home. She traveled her customary route and ultimately found herself on her street.

As Ashley got closer to her home, she saw a cardboard Amazon box at the end of her driveway. That was unusual. Perhaps it was left there by mistake.

Ashley stepped out of her vehicle and approached the box. She thought she heard movement within. Even though it had been a long day, something didn’t seem quite right. That’s when she heard faint screams. Oh no! Ashley swiftly grabbed the package and went inside her house with it.

Inside was the smallest dog. Ashley had no idea what to do since he was so little! She quickly phoned a nearby veterinarian. He told Ashley what to do with the dog till he saw them the following day. Ashley attempted to feed the dog a special formula from a bottle. He was clearly famished. She chose the name Jackson for the pet.

Jackson was just three weeks old at the time. This was far from ideal. He needed to spend time with his mother. He couldn’t control his body temperature or eat on his own. He required constant monitoring and hands-on care. The next day, the vet educated Ashley on how to properly care for Jackson.

Ashley took Jackson home and introduced him to her cat, Dan. They clicked right away. Jackson was taught to play by Dan! Ashley soon understood, though, that something was wrong with Jackson. She had no idea what was wrong, but a mother knows. She contacted the vet and made an emergency appointment for the puppy.

Ashley’s heart sinks as the vet learns the probable cause of Jackson’s heartless desertion. Nonetheless, she refuses to leave the small dog. Check out The Dodo’s video below to discover more about Jackson and what happens next. It’s a fantastic story.