The Unique Friendship Between a Baby Rhino and a Lovely Sheep!

As this unique animal couple demonstrates, the best sort of friendship is the most unexpected.

Gertje, an infant rhino, and Lammie, a cherished sheep, express their deep bond on a trip outside by jumping and having fun together.

A spectacular scene in which  a white rhino, resembles its pal by bouncing around like a lamb was captured by Karien Smit, an assisting curator at the National Museum.

The orphan rhino gets excited as the Dorpa runs up and down the sandy path, spinning in circles in an attempt to replicate its steps.

Gertje was rescued after being discovered close to his mother’s lifeless body.

Gertje was later sent to the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre in Pretoria, South Africa, where he was partnered with Lammie.

Ever since, the cute couple has been attached, spending the most of their waking time by one other’s side.

“Gertjie was happy and content as soon as the two connected; he had a partner who was there for him at all hours of the day and night.”

They’re the best friends and partners in the world, and they spend nearly all of the time with each other.

“They are quite aware of one other’s activities; for example, Gertjie will ‘play’ with the ball in the same manner as Lammie does, and if Gertjie sleeps, Lammie will as well.”

“When Gertjie and Lammie were playing and grew excited, they both started leaping around.”
“When they’re pleased, that’s when they start playing.”

“Normally, they’d be relaxed and munching, but after a run or a steam sauna, you can see they’re pumped up and ready to go.”

“Some people say Gertjie was unfriendly to Karien, but this is just not true.”

“As you can see, Gertjie is having a great time playing with his caretaker and sheep pal.”

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The Unique Friendship Between a Baby Rhino and a Lovely Sheep!
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